Youth Basketball for the Sycamore Coummunity School District in Cincinnati, Ohio. 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades Boys and Girls Basketball

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Welcome to the SAC Basketball Coach registration page.  If you have been given access to this page, then you are under consideration for a head coach or assistant coach position with SAC Basketball. 

Please complete the following items.

1) Background Check

2) Coach's registration form

3) Complete Concussion Training

4) Email Your Completed Concussion Certification 



All SAC Basketball head coaches and assistant coaches must submit a background check conducted by an independent third party.  If you have any questions or concerns about submitting a background check please contact .

Click here to complete your background check.  We will contact you ONLY if we have any questions or issues.  Results are confidential. 

In order to complete your background check, you will need the following:
- Previous Address (if you have moved recently)
- Social Security Number
- Drivers License Number


Please complete the Coaches Registration Form indicating your practice preferences and acknowledging that you've reviewed all the required policies. 

Please check our website for dates of events you will need to attend including, equipment pick-up, the mandatory coaches meeting and team draft night, and our coaches clinic.  We will send more detailed information soon. 




Effective April 26, 2013, Ohio's Return to Play Law requires all Coaches or Assistant Coaches to annually complete a free online training course focused on concussions.  The SAC Board takes the safety of our players very seriously, and every coach and assistant coach MUST complete and provide proof they have completed this online Training.

Click here for the FHS Online Concussion Training. 
This online course is available through the NFHS. Follow these steps to be taken to the correct free course. See step by step visual below, if needed.

  1. Click the A) Green Sign In button and register or use an existing account.  
  2. Select B) Courses along the top banner a bring up a list of all available training course.
  3. Search for C) "Consussion" to find the proper training course.
  4. Select the D) Concussion in Sports to view the Course.
  5. Select the blue E) Order Course button, and select 
  6. Select F) Myself and Select Continue
  7. Select G & H) Ohio 
  8. Select I) Checkout  (Cost will be $0.00)
  9. Select J) Agree
  10. Select K) Continue to take the course,
  11. Select L) Dashboard along the top banner.
  12. Select M) My Courses along the left side of the screen.
  13. Select N) Begin Course


Once you have completed the above course, please   Admin, Ali Margello at   and keep a copy for your records.

IMPORTANT NOTE to HEAD COACHES:  You must provide SAC with a copy of your Concussion Training Certificate and your Assistant Coaches certificate to pick-up your equipment.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  



Thank You for volunteering to Coach!

Ali Margello
SAC Board