Youth Basketball for the Sycamore Coummunity School District in Cincinnati, Ohio. 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades Boys and Girls Basketball

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SAC Basketball provides students in grades 7-12 with the opportunity to play community basketball outside of their school teams. The program is designed to support groups who have formed their own team. We'll provide all the Administration required to help the team register and schedule games with CPYBL.


SAC is supporting individual player registration for 7-12 grade. We do not form the teams - you will continue to do this on your own, along with naming a Coach - but we will capture the cost and parent waivers individually to help streamline the administration. Registration opens in late October.


1. Talk to others in your grade, neighborhood and family to organize a team. We recommend creating teams of 8-10 kids.

2. Choose a parent or adult who will serve as your Head Coach. The Head Coach is required to attend a meeting, complete a coach's application and sit on the bench during all games. 

3. You will register individually ($85/kid) and complete and sign the necessary forms and waivers.  You will identify your Coach/Team Name during the registration process.



1. SAC does NOT provide uniforms for our 7-12th-grade teams. Each team must select and purchase their own uniforms.  We recommend contacting Queen City Spirit who will provide options in a variety of price ranges. There are new league rules this year regarding uniforms.  Please review the rules carefully before purchasing your uniforms.

2. The registration fee is $100 per child. (This includes the league fee, gym time for home games, referee fees, etc).

3. Teams will be registered to play a 10 game schedule with CPYBL similar to your 4th-6th-grade experience, plus a post-season tournament.

4. SAC does NOT guarantee practice time in a Sycamore gym for 7th-12th-grade teams.  Once the district provides us with the gym schedule for our 2-6 grade teams, we may offer our 7th-12th-grade teams practice time if there is space available. Space will be allocated after the November 11 registration.

5. Games will begin the first weekend in December. There is a 2-week holiday break where there will be no games. The season ends the weekend of February 14-17.

6. Each team will need volunteers to run the clock at home games, keep the scorebook and assist with gym monitoring.



The following rules apply to all 7th-12th-grade teams:

  • An adult coach MUST be on the bench for every game.
  • Only registered players and coaches may sit on the bench during a game.
  • 7th and 8th graders play in separate divisions.
  • 9th and 10th graders play in the JV Division.
  • 11th and 12th graders play in the Varsity Division.
  • All players on a team must live in the Sycamore School District.
  • All players must complete a CPYBL waiver on the CPYBL website.
  • Players that play on a junior high or high school team CANNOT play on a Rec team and compete in the CPYBL even after the Jr. High or High School season is over.
  • Use the following link to see CPYBL Documents page which contains League Rules: