Youth Basketball for the Sycamore Coummunity School District in Cincinnati, Ohio. 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades Boys and Girls Basketball

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2nd & 3rd Grade Teams - Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your assigned team picture time. Your coach will have your team jerseys so there are no uniforms to pick up. We recommend that your child wear black shorts and their basketball shoes. Photos available will include a team photo as well as an individual.

All Select & 4-6 Grade Teams - Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the uniform time. Your team will come in as a group to try on uniforms for proper sizing. Within 10 minutes of submitting your requests, your coach will be given your uniforms. The teams will be given time to change and then get your picture taken immediately following. We anticipate this to be a 45-minute process.


8:30 3G Rec+ James >Rec Plus 3rd Graders 8:55
9:00 3B Darbyshire (Gold) >Select>3rd Grade 9:30
9:10 3B Hill-Eagan (Green) >Select>3rd Grade 9:40
9:20 4B Danner (Green) >Select>4th Grade 9:50
9:30 4B Hott (Gold) >Select>4th Grade 10:00
8:00 4B Namaky (White) >Select>4th Grade 8:30
8:40 4G Christerson (Green) >Select>4th Grade 9:15
8:20 4G Seal (Gold) >Select>4th Grade 8:50
9:40 5B Farquhar (Green) >Select>5th Grade 10:15
9:50 5B Fitz (White) >Select>5th Grade 10:20
10:00 5B Reece (Gold) >Select>5th Grade 10:35
10:10 5G Tilton (Green) >Select>5th Grade 10:40
10:20 6B Heinen (Gold) >Select>6th Grade 10:50
8:10 6B Kahn (Green) >Select>6th Grade 8:40
10:30 6B Nordin (White) >Select>6th Grade 11:00
8:50 6G Kremp (Green) >Select>6th Grade 9:20
10:40 4B Butcher >Recreational>4th Grade 11:15
10:50 4B Chism >Recreational>4th Grade 11:20
11:00 4B Hoge >Recreational>4th Grade 11:30
11:10 4B Laughlin >Recreational>4th Grade 11:40
11:20 4B Mahoney >Recreational>4th Grade 11:50
11:30 4B Palcisco >Recreational>4th Grade 11:55
11:40 4G Johnson >Recreational>4th Grade 12:15
11:50 4G Ward >Recreational>4th Grade 12:20
12:00 5B Pishotti >Recreational>5th Grade 12:30
12:10 5B Rodgers >Recreational>5th Grade 12:40
12:20 5B Smith >Recreational>5th Grade 12:50
12:30 5B Stockert >Recreational>5th Grade 1:05
12:40 5G Cole >Recreational>5th Grade 1:10
12:50 5G Thompson >Recreational>5th Grade 1:15
1:00 6G Amos >Recreational>6th Grade 1:30
1:10 6G Arnold >Recreational>6th Grade 1:40
1:20 6G Bachman >Recreational>6th Grade 1:50
1:30 6B Bergler >Recreational>6th Grade 2:00
1:40 6B Kuznar >Recreational>6th Grade 2:10
1:50 6B McDonough >Recreational>6th Grade 2:20
2:00 6B Weber >Recreational>6th Grade 2:30
  2B Armentrout >Recreational>2nd Grade Boys 9:55
  2B Byrnes >Recreational>2nd Grade Boys 9:25
  2B Haring >Recreational>2nd Grade Boys 9:35
  2B Kalb >Recreational>2nd Grade Boys 1:55
  2B Kaniecki >Recreational>2nd Grade Boys 8:45
  2B Lyerly >Recreational>2nd Grade Boys 10:25
  2B Queen >Recreational>2nd Grade Boys 8:35
  2/3G Adams >Recreational>2nd/3rd Grade Girls 2:25
  2/3G Allen >Recreational>2nd/3rd Grade Girls 2:15
  2/3G Dehring >Recreational>2nd/3rd Grade Girls 9:45
  2/3G Fitz >Recreational>2nd/3rd Grade Girls 1:45
  2/3G House >Recreational>2nd/3rd Grade Girls 2:05
  2/3G James >Recreational>2nd/3rd Grade Girls 1:35
  2/3G Murphy >Recreational>2nd/3rd Grade Girls 2:35
  2/3G Poore >Recreational>2nd/3rd Grade Girls 12:55
  2/3G Shepherd >Recreational>2nd/3rd Grade Girls 12:45
  2/3G Wooley >Recreational>2nd/3rd Grade Girls 12:35
  3B Cole >Recreational>3rd Grade Boys 10:45
  3B Kraus >Recreational>3rd Grade Boys 10:55
  3B Middleton >Recreational>3rd Grade Boys 10:10
  3B Minar >Recreational>3rd Grade Boys 11:35
  3B Nakasako >Recreational>3rd Grade Boys 11:45
  3B Wade >Recreational>3rd Grade Boys 12:25
  3B Zajac >Recreational>3rd Grade Boys 2:40