Youth Basketball for the Sycamore Coummunity School District in Cincinnati, Ohio. 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades Boys and Girls Basketball

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2017-18 League Rule Changes

  1. No waivers will be given for players to play outside of their district.  The team will be removed from the league for the remainder of the season.  Exceptions will be considered for private schools, open enrollment, and playing for a municipality (i.e. kid lives in Sharonville and plays for Springdale, same school district).  Exceptions must be approved before the start of the season.
  2. Players can play on only one CPYBL team.  A player who is found playing on more than one team will be ejected from the league as well as the teams who used the illegal player.
  3. The roster maximum is 11 for any team in any division.
  4. In grades 2-6, High Rec and Rec team must be formed using a draft process.  Exceptions will be made for smaller communities that have one either in total, in a grade, or gender.  The intent is to have talent distributed evenly across the rec teams.
  5. In grade 2-6, teams that are formed by any means other than a draft will be placed in the select division.  Coordinators will certify the creation process.  Any team that is moved up and was not formed by a draft will be charged a fee of $50.  Exceptions will be made for smaller communities that have one or two teams either in total, in a grade, or gender.
  6. Any team that is moved from the Rec division to the Athletic division will be charged the difference in price.
  7. The no show forfeit fee is $100 per game and the team must pay the league before their next game.

CPYBL Rules & Documentation for Download:

Waiver - If relevant, you will receive an email in early November with instructions complete the liability form.  This is a mandatory requirement and must be completed prior to your child's first game.

2017-18 RULES

CPYBL Player Code of Conduct     

Coaches Code of Conduct    

Parent Code of Conduct