Youth Basketball for the Sycamore Coummunity School District in Cincinnati, Ohio. 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades Boys and Girls Basketball

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SAC COVID19 Guidelines

SAC is fully committed to the safety of our participants and spectators. We will be implementing the necessary rules as advised by the Sycamore School District to help mitigate the risk posed by the coronavirus. 


Below documents and forms provide information on SAC basketball COVID 19 Policy, expectations and guidelines for all players, parents, and coaches


SAC Basketball COVID-19 Policy and Expectations for all Players/Parents 

COVID PreScreening Form

Return-to-Play Form


Tested Positive? Here is a quick reference on the next steps and quarantine guidelines:


Close Contact Guidelines:

A player who is a Close Contact of a COVID-positive person can still participate in basketball activities by wearing a mask during practices, during games (if possible) and on the bench, if:
1. The player is fully vaccinated (>2 weeks from the second COVID19 vaccine) or the player had a positive COVID19 test within the last 90 days and the return to play form has been received by SAC; AND
2. The player is and has been without COVID19 symptoms; AND
3. If the COVID-positive person is within the player's household, the COVID-positive person is able to fully isolate at home (in the basement, or private room/bedroom in the house away from the player)
* The asymptomatic Close Contact player can stop masking during practices and games after 14 days from the last contact with the COVID-positive person or by receiving a negative test result from getting tested (antigen or PCR) for COVID19 within 3-5 days of the last contact with the COVID-positive person.


For close contacts who needs to quarantine, the quarantine guidelines/options are shown below: